The Host Nina Monique:

Prior to creating The Nina Monique Show, Nina Monique worked in Investment Banking for various well known top tier investment firms in NYC.  However, after a while she felt unappreciated and realized its more to life than sitting at an office desk being used to build and maintain someone else’s business. Once those feelings surfaced Nina decided to take what she learned and redirect her focus into becoming an entrepreneur.

Hailing from Paterson, NJ, Nina Monique is a relatable woman. During her child and adulthood she experienced many trials and tribulations like fending off bullies, struggling with self-esteem, fitting in Corporate America, and surviving an unhealthy relationship, among many other challenges. However she realizes most of these experiences caused her be a resilient, blunt, bold, confident and a hardworking corporate rebel who refuses to put limits on her dreams.

“Through The Nina Monique Show I not only want to provide a platform to discuss topics but I also want to encourage others to realize we control our individual lives and have voices along with the knowledge to create the change we want to see. It’s important you always remain positive, humble and know at all times you deserve the best out of life. Never settle or give up on your dreams.”

XOXO, Nina Monique