terr cacilia

When you were 23 years old, were you a stylist, writer, model and influencer? If not, take the time to get to know the Style Maven Terr Cacilia. Not only is she extremely accomplished, but she is no stranger to dealing with various trials and tribulations we all face in life.

Terr’s involvement with the plus size industry began in 2011 while she was a junior in high school. What lead her to find solace and support in the plus size community was a string of traumatic events that occurred over the course of 5 years. She had been horrendously bullied in school, her mother was diagnosed with cancer, her parents went through a complicated divorce, and numerous loved ones passed all before she turned 16. There are days she is surprised she survived, but as she likes to say, “Even on our darkest days, we are capable of greatness."

It took her about two years to find the online plus size fashion community, but when she did, she knew she had found the launching point for her future. She freelanced for various magazines for two years, attended numerous plus size fashion events in NYC, and began meeting as many industry officials as possible. She worked as an intern Editor-in-Chief with SKORCH Magazine from 2013- April 2017 and learned as much as she possibly could from such a reputable and recognized plus size publication. Many people may be surprised to see a young woman leave such a great position, but that is where the next phase of her story begins.


In May 2016 on her way home from her styling job, Terr was involved in a traumatic car accident. Another driver cut her off and she drove head on into a utility pole while the other driver drove away. She spent the next year recovering from a minor traumatic brain injury, and various levels of nerve damage in her neck and back. Despite everything that she previously have gone through, this recovery had the most monumental impact on her life. As her recovery progressed, she began to feel a need to leave her formal position with SKORCH Magazine  so that she could focus all of her effort towards her own website terrcacilia.com. Her website focuses on spreading style and spirituality with her viewers.  This new phase of her journey is motivated by making happiness a lifestyle.


After what Terr experienced, it would be very easy to give up on finding joy in life. Instead, she is fueling her life experiences to ensure she is living a purposeful life filled with happiness and prosperity. Did I mention she is only 23? We all can take a page out her book and remember that happiness is a choice. And, you should never give up on this choices in life!