patricia dekler

Her journey through this life has been challenging yet rewarding.  Since the age of seven, she has dealt with many obstacles, such as being diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome. She had to go through school constantly criticized by her peers and family members, but at that time, this disorder was not understood. She had to become strong at a very young age. As she got older, she was having issues with her body image and which lead to mental health issues.

She was made fun of my larger bottom half of her body. In fact, she really thought there was something wrong with her body. After having six operations starting at the young age of sixteen, she was finally diagnosed with Stage One Lipedema at the age of 41. This is when her life really changed because she met a group of women who suffer the same disease as she does, and other women who support us and care about empowering women. She feels blessed and sad at the same time, because she received the surgeries before it turned into a major issue while others are suffering even more with their disease. And, she is so thankful for her husband who has supported and loved her through it all. Patricia will continue to fight for and support all those taking on challenges in their life.


Health issues are common for so many of us. How do you deal with your health issues? Do you have a support system? Do you talk about it publicly? Like Patricia, we want to know how you overcome and push past your challenges?