Serving My Purpose - Nina Monique

Recently I was asked to speak at a mentoring program called Young Women with Purpose, a non-profit organization that serves girls from age 8 - 18 years old. Angela Evans, from Jersey City, NJ, created this organization to Empower, Encourage and Inspire young girls to accept their challenges, while making the best out of every situation, regardless to how unfortunate their circumstances may be. When Ms. Evans asked me to be a mentor and to speak at her event, I jumped at the opportunity because I remember being a child and needing support from other females. I know what it’s like to try and maintain a smile through difficult situations.

In today’s society, children need all the encouragement they can possibly get. I want to make sure I can contribute to young women. Many know my story about the trials and tribulations I went through and how I suffered with self-esteem issues due to my experiences with life. Although, I always knew one day I would share my story to help others going through the same thing as myself. Fast forward to now, I’m doing just that; funny thing is I never knew how I was going to share my story. Who could imagine it would include Nina Monique Voluptuous Boutique- my own clothing line :).

It’s a rewarding feeling to speak and have kids repeat what you say because it means they are actually listening to you. After the other mentors spoke, a few of the kids were able to tell the group what they learned from the speakers. They related to our stories and were able to see how our experiences helped us become successful. This experience was truly remarkable and an eye opener because I realized how impressionable children truly are. When you think they’re not listening, trust and believe they are. When it seems, they are not paying attention; they really are watching you. Never underestimate a child because kids are very smart.

I also noticed from some of my speaking engagements/events that adult women were relating to my story. That, is a very rewarding feeling. My mission is to continue to open up and share my story so I can trigger conversations about how important it is to appreciate, love, and accept yourself in a world that can make you feel broken, lost, lonely, and worthless. As a grown woman with a business, I truly understand why I had to experience the things I went through in my childhood and as an adult. Those experiences helped shaped my future. I can now see the connection from my past to my present and I hope other women can too.