Sparkle Richards

It’s pretty difficult for a creative person to put the spotlight on themselves. Perhaps it is because we spend a lot of time behind the scenes, making the experience for others. It is hard for us to fathom that we could be of interest.

Why not write a sonnet, or a stanza to illuminate the depth of mind? Why not paint or produce works of art to show the inner most thought? Why not canvas beauty on the face of a woman who doesn’t recognize her own power? And so, when the light is cast on us, we find that there is so much service wrapped in what creative people do, that self always seems an afterthought. We find such solace in that role too, shrinking behind and into the shadow to let the work be our representative, our vision, our legacy.

I suppose this begun as a child, drawn to the arts from an early age. At first, I thought these hobbies were simply that. However, as time progressed, others sat up and took notice and before long, I was being asked to do drawings and writing for dear childhood friends who recognized my talents early on. I was able through the narrow lens of their interest, to continue to hone my skills and participate in contest environments which served as a challenge.



Where I may have failed, I was glad to be considered. Where I succeeded, I was eager beyond measure to push myself beyond the required limit. I remember at the age of eight, practicing in short story writing and the begin of character ideas for my first story that would see me win my first book prize. This was echoed in my early twenties when I returned to my love of the written word and followed my passion into the wide and impossible world of becoming a published author.

Never in my wildest dreams, a girl of seventeen sitting on the uncomfortable chair overlooking the ghetto cityscape that surrounded my Caribbean home, did I imagine that such sights could be mine. I had always been a voracious reader, a lover of beautiful things and interested in psychology and people, but when I brought my dreams back to the island of Trinidad where I had left some ten years prior, with thoughts only of attending fashion school at the reputable Fashion Institute of Technology, I found that my love of my people, my culture, and myself were greatly enhanced. Here was an opportunity not only to find a voice like mine, but mine.

After receiving my college degree in Women’s Sportswear Design, I realized there was far more about myself yet to learn. It was in my journaling and journeys into womanhood that I found my greatest voice. Little did I know that in my early thirties, years of devotion to the arts would see each platform rise and coalesce into a beautiful plethora of interests and challenges which keep me energized and motivated. Through the play that is makeup, a field I have excelled in the last nine years, I have further been able to forecast a kaleidoscope all my own.

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Want to learn more about Sparkle Richards? Follow her on:

Website -

Instagram - @sparkle.the.artist

Facebook - Sparkle Richards