Natashia wilson

It is amazing what we can overcome in our lives. The next time you are thinking about a difficult challenge you are dealing with, you need to breathe and remember that you are not alone. We all face trials and tribulations in our life. It is how you deal with the really hard stuff that sets you apart in this world. Check out Natashia Wilson’s unbelievable journey and celebrate just how powerful she really is! 

Natashia aspires to start a support group called Square Girls. This support group is for women aged of 35+ involved with prostitution, with an aim to help them get out and stay out of the industry. As a 35-year-old single mom, she envisions establishing Square Girls in order to support and assist the women who have experienced this traumatic lifestyle and may be searching for their purpose in life. She is uniquely qualified to support and mentor these ladies because she can relate to their situation. In addition to the support group, she would like to write a book about her human trafficking journey that began at age fourteen. As she recently shared in a local newspaper interview, she was just fourteen when her mother introduced her to prostitution. Since being given a second chance, she has set the goal to create her own outreach and continue her work as a spokesperson for "Voices for Dignity," an advocacy agency. She is eager to one day bring all of these organizations together as a whole, in a voice of unity across all barriers, from race to age to gender. She wants to lead the way so that we all are fighting for the cause.


 Her career goal is to finish her degree and utilize it to return home to Las Vegas, Nevada. She will join her auntie in advocating for the non-profit organization she started for human trafficking survivors, which was inspired by her personal story. This is not only her personal passion coming from experience, but also a critical issue in every community. This issue is much bigger than many people realize, and one that needs to be addressed critically. She is the first person in her family and community to earn a college degree. When she graduates this year from Chattanooga State Community College, she will receive an Associate of Arts degree in Human Services.

Natashia believes God brought her out for a reason. She recalls the message that God put in her heart -- "I want to empower somebody else. I'm not saying if I can do it, then they can do it. I'm just saying they're not alone.” Square Girls will differ from others in that, instead of focusing on counseling, the group will focus on friendship. Participants will meet for coffee on weekends, see movies, and go to activities together. She will share with other women the resources that have been helpful to her and hope professional women will get involved. Her vision is for the group to include people who can show women coming out of prostitution the steps they need to take to be successful in other careers. Undoubtedly, these individuals are victims in one way or another.  She wants other women to know they're not the only ones to survive traumatic situations or to do unspeakable tasks in order to survive. She truly wants these women to know and understand that they can get through this and live full and happy lives.

Thank you Natashia for reminding us all that we are the masters of our fate and we can overcome whatever we want to!